Chris was ordained in the Anglican Diocese of Mt Kilimanjaro at the age of 24, while he was living in Tanzania as a missionary. When he returned to Britain, he went to Cambridge, where he studied theology, served as an assistant chaplain, was awarded a hockey blue, and met Jenny. Chris and Jenny got married and now have two girls, Rose and Saoirse.

Chris became a curate at Holy Trinity Brompton in London, where he was involved in the church’s homeless shelter. He is now vicar at St Saviour’s, also in London.

As revchris7, Chris is active on Instagram, with approaching 180,000 followers from around the world. His 60 second sermons there have received nationwide media attention. He is also a regular and popular guest on YouTube’s Korean Englishman and Jolly channels (see videos above and below). He uses his social media platforms to tell people, ‘You are loved. You are precious. You are of vital importance.’

Chris is passionate about prayer and helping young people deepen their own prayer life and spirituality. He is a Third Order Franciscan, and leader of the Young Franciscans, young people (18-35) who feel called to a deeper and more focused Christian life.